Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivation Monday: The science of productivity

I consider weekends family time, because Saturday and Sunday are usually the only days my husband and daughter can be home all day (barring sickness or major holidays). And on weekends, I sometimes find myself browsing YouTube on the PS3 while relaxing with the family. One of my favorite youtube channels is AsapScience.

This last Saturday morning, while browsing through the AsapScience channel, I came across The Science of Productivity. Immediately my mind went to the blog post I had started a couple of hours ago, then abandoned to watch YouTube.

What I got out of watching, and re-watching, this illuminating video was that I need to set goals. I mean, "Get as much done as I can before I die," doesn't really set any targets. I need to break it up into small projects, plan about how long it should take to complete, and dedicate a specific time of day to work on it (instead of work on it until I'm exhausted and no longer want to mess with it).

Family history isn't a job for me, it's a hobby (one of many!). I have no boss, no deadlines, no one to grade me on the quality and accuracy of my work. No one is holding me accountable but me, and admittedly, I tend to cut myself a lot of slack.

So today, I am going to choose a specific point in time for one ancestor, I'm going to give myself one week to research, outline and write. I will only work on it for 90 minutes at a time, take a short break, then get back to work. And when the spawn gets home from school, I will stop for the day. Let's see how that goes...

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