Saturday, February 9, 2013

FHWC: No story today, but here's what I am doing

Gina asked me the other day if these stories would be preserved with the family tree. That reminded me of a post on the FHWC forum I had read about an hour earlier asking what happens to all of our family history blog posts if we die, and no one is paying the hosting bill?

Well, I'm 36, and in relatively good health, but accidents can happen. So this morning I printed out all of my blog posts about Grandma, slapped them into a folder, and labeled it "15 Zula Irene Nowell". I would have thrown Parmer onto the end of her name, but I wrote too large on the tab to fit it.

In a little while I will put her folder, and all of my other genealogy research folders, including my pencil and paper ancestor charts, into the filing cabinet. So if I get hit by a meteorite the size of a refrigerator, Family, you know where to find it.

There's also a bunch more on my netbook, so somebody can copy all of that stuff and distribute it to whoever wants it in the Martin, Parmer, Norman and Russell lines, if they are so inclined.

I'll work on getting more stuff printed out as I go. And I really need to invest in a backup drive. Of course, neither of those is likely to survive if the house burns down, but there are others with the same research data I have (probably more than I have). I have to draw the line somewhere between hobby and obsession.

So, hopefully I will live long enough to get all of this organized into something distributable for the family. But if I don't, you know where to find it.

There is no story today because we are leaving town in a few hours. But I didn't want to just skip a day, since the point of this Family History Writing Challenge is to write consistently, every day, for 28 days. So I just made my 300 word quota for the day ;-D Okay, it's supposed to be about somebody, so I'll take a notebook in the car and jot something down to post tomorrow.

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